Section 9.5: Movement on Court

This is a series of rule change submissions that I made on January 13, 2013 to BISFed in response to their draft changes.  The international boccia rules change every four years, after the Paralympic Games.  You can find my other submissions here.  I am presenting them on individual pages, so that you can comment on each proposal separately.

BISFed Proposed change:

9.5 In pairs or team competition if an athlete throws a ball and his team mate is still returning to his box the referee will ask that athlete to throw the ball only after his teammate is in his own box (the thrown ball is considered played). It’s a friendly warning. If that side repeats that situation, the referee will give a warning.

My proposed change:

9.5 Penalty balls will be awarded to a side in team or pairs, if an athlete throws while their teammate is outside, or on the line, of his or her throwing box.


A friendly warning should not be given first.  The penalty should be penalty balls.

A “friendly warning” does not belong in official rules.  Something is either forbidden, or not.