Section 24: Protest Guidelines

This is a series of rule change submissions that I made on January 13, 2013 to BISFed in response to their draft changes.  The international boccia rules change every four years, after the Paralympic Games.  You can find my other submissions here.  I am presenting them on individual pages, so that you can comment on each proposal separately.

BISFed Proposed change:

No substantive changes proposed.

My proposed change:

[The clause not accepting video and photo evidence must be removed.]


More evidence is generally fairer than less evidence.  Many nations routinely take photo and video recordings of matches, and this should be valid evidence in a protest.  The number of nations who do not have access to video equipment is now very low.

In many sports – elite and professional – video evidence is now allowed, not only in protests, but also in challenging on-court/field referee decisions.  Video can often be the perfect witness.  It is neutral, and replays the event exactly as it happened.  Human witnesses always have some form and degree of bias.