Section 19.2: Warm up Procedures

This is a series of rule change submissions that I made on January 13, 2013 to BISFed in response to their draft changes.  The international boccia rules change every four years, after the Paralympic Games.  You can find my other submissions here.  I am presenting them on individual pages, so that you can comment on each proposal separately.

BISFed Proposed change:

No proposed change.

My proposed change:

Athletes may be accompanied into the warm-up area by a maximum number of people as follows:

· BC1 1 coach, 1 assistant
· BC2 1 coach, 1 assistant
· BC3 1 coach, 1 assistant
· BC4 1 coach, 1 assistant
· Pairs BC3 1 coach, 1 assistant per athlete
· Pairs BC4 1 coach, 1 assistant
· Team (BC1/2) 1 coach, 1 assistant


This rule should be used to ensure that warm-up areas do not become too crowded.

The proposal respects this goal by increasing the number of people eligible to accompany players in a very minimal way, while recognising the importance of Sport Assistants to BC2 and BC4 players.  While these classifications of players are not eligible for the assistance of a Sport Assistant during a match, they largely require individualised performance support during warm-up and training.

The number of people eligible to accompany a player into the call room should not change from the current number.