Section 18.1: The Captain’s Responsibility

This is a series of rule change submissions that I made on January 13, 2013 to BISFed in response to their draft changes.  The international boccia rules change every four years, after the Paralympic Games.  You can find my other submissions here.  I am presenting them on individual pages, so that you can comment on each proposal separately.

BISFed Proposed change:

18.1 In Team and Pairs Division, each side is led by a Captain for each match. The Captain  must be clearly identified to the Referee  and is required to wear a captain arm band on their left or right arm, provided by each captain, club or Country. The Captain will act as the executive of the team and assume the following responsibilities:

My proposed change:

[Remove the armband requirement.]


Armbands are not at all feasible for boccia athletes, who have different levels of arm disabilities.  This will severely interfere with play.  Identifying the Captain has not been an issue in any of the many BC4 pairs games that I have played at all levels.

If identification is genuinely needed, perhaps in BC1/BC2 team, then an attachment should be made to the Captain’s number or wheelchair.  Better yet, a red or blue removable floor sticker should be placed in front of (or, behind) the respective Captain’s box.