“Josh” Finalist in Prestigious International Film Festival

The short documentary “Josh,” by amazing Vancouver film maker Angelina Cantada, was accepted as a finalist in the 2011 MY HERO International Film Festival on Friday.  Winners of the festival will be announced on November 7th; Angelina and I are very happy to be among the finalists in such a prestigious festival!

From the My Hero International Film Festival acceptance letter:

“All 2011 winning films will be featured in our virtual screening room (www.myhero.com/films).  These films will become part of our ever-growing Global Hero Archive.  MY HERO honors the subjects of certain films with special Hero Awards, in which case we will screen a clip from that project.

This year we had more films submitted to the Festival than ever before, and are very excited about our slate of films.   Congratulations again on becoming a finalist in such an illustrious group.”

The short video is below.  I am hearing great things about this film everywhere I go – have a look!


  • http://tatterededge.blogspot.com Lelainia Lloyd

    Josh that is fantastic! Congratulations to you both on being nominated. I hope you win-the film was both enlightening and inspiring and as I’ve said before, paints living with a disability is the most positive of lights, in the most authentic way possible-you just showed up as who you really are. Good luck! I am keeping my fingers crossed!

    • http://www.joshvandervies.com Josh Vander Vies

      Thanks Lelainia!  I know Angelina, Dalia, Karolis and I are both proud
      of how this film turned out, and we hope it can be seen by as many
      people as possible.

  • Kathyforsyth

    Wow, this was really inspiring to me!!!

  • Chuck Smith

    I hope you don’t mind, I sent your web page to friends and family. It is good to see that God is still blessing you and by your deeds you help everyone to realize there blessings.Keep up the work that God has set before you. You are a hero to a lot of people, myself included.

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