#iaminspired on Twitter

When I speak at schools and organisations, one of the most frequent questions I get from the audience goes something like this:

“You are really inspiring, but what inspires you?”

I have never had an answer that I have been satisfied with, and after a lot of reflection I think it is because I, like us all I hope, am inspired by a variety of things.  A few weeks ago I came across some really cool fictional space travel posters by artist Steve Thomas.  The art is simple and great, and they evoke a desire to explore space.

I found myself sharing the link on Twitter, and without really thinking typed #iaminspired at the end of the tweet.

Then I searched for #iaminspired on Twitter and found very few results.  Putting the # sign in front of text not separated by spaces makes a hashtag, which allows similar tweets to be searched by everyone.  So it got me thinking.  We all love to be inspired and motivated, why not share our finds with others?  From now on I will be adding #iaminspired to the end of tweets that I find especially inspiring and I hope others will join in.

The Olympics and Paralympics are coming up soon, so many inspiring performances and stories are sure to come.  Although sport is a big part of my life, it is not the only part.  I also love hearing and reading about great art, well written arguments, powerful activists, technological innovations and the other cool things happening around us.

That is what inspires me.  What inspires you?

See you on Twitter!

  • Lelainia Lloyd

    Love your idea Josh! I’ll play along on Twitter. I’ll start here first.

    Some things, off the top of my head that inspiring me at this moment in time:-Self portraits-it’s really cool to see what pieces of yourself are revealed to yourself, often for the first time through this type of photography.-The song “Weighty Ghost” by Wintersleep. No special reason, other than I just like it.
    -The chance to witness Rick Hansen wheel up Thermal Dive tomorrow, not long after I do my leg in the relay. For years I’ve driven up and down this hill, weekly and thought about him every single time. It’s going to be an amazing moment. I’m bringing Kleenex!
    -Giving back.

    • http://www.joshvandervies.com Josh Vander Vies

       Those are great Lelainia; they really made me smile.  More than I thought they would.  I hope this idea gets some traction – I can’t wait to hear what everyone has to say and share.

      RTs coming your way on Twitter.

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