How Our Daughter Olivia Was Born

She was supposed to arrive early last week but Dalia’s belly just kept getting bigger and bigger. The due date came and went and nothing much else happened.  We went about our days, waiting for takeoff, or maybe landing?  Me at work and training, Dalia at home and all around and Karolis enjoying his summer vacation.  9 days later the great staff at St. Paul’s Hospital induced Dalia and sent her home, advising that sometimes it can take 2 or 3 days for labour to come.

Dalia and her doola, an amazing friend of ours, thought otherwise. They took a walk around downtown Vancouver to get things going.  Around 3 hours (not days!) later, pre-labour started and Dalia and Olivia were ready to go.

Karolis and I were there for everything.  We experienced something so scary and awesome and special that words can’t do it justice.  Dalia was incredible.  It is amazing how quickly her maternity suite screeched to a blissful calm and quiet with such happiness once Olivia arrived.

Everyone’s faces in the pictures say the rest:













  • mrbmiller

    Many congrats to you and your growing family Josh. We had a similar experience with inducement when our son was born earlier this year. My wife was induced ahead of term due to the onset of symptoms of preeclampsia. Labour started within 2 hours and it was all over in 5 hours from inducement. I was in awe of my wife throughout and the peace and the happiness in the post op recovery room definitely was a welcome respite from the chaos of the birth.

    Enjoy your time together as a family and those precious first moments of a welcoming a new life. She’s adorable by the way:)

  • Kirk & Cindy Guerin

    Congratulations to your family; Josh, Dalia and Karolis. Olivia is a beautiful little girl. Some very proud parents and brother.

  • Marie-Eve Boudreau

    i love you guys so much, and feel honoured to have been included of the birth of this beautiful soul. You now have two amazing women under your care Josh.

  • Terrie moore

    What a little cutie!

  • Aiste

    Thanks for sharing these pictures. Congratulations to your family. We are very happy for you and wish you all the best. Aiste, Bill, Sierra and Ash.

  • Chuck

    You have a wonderful daughter. And a wonderful family going there. It’s been so long since I seen you. You and your father look the same size. God has blessed you and your family. Take care and keep inspiring others.