8 Teams Confirmed So Far for Boccia Throwdown!

The countdown is on.  8 teams have taken on the fundraising and impending indoor boccia challenge – to help fuel the Canadian Boccia Team to international podiums.  There are only 8 days left to either throw your hat in the ring (boccia court!) by signing up a team of up to 6, or donating online to support the Boccia Throwdown! or individual teams.

You can team-up with the Canadian Boccia Team three ways:

1. Share this blog post with your social media networks.
2. Form a team of up to 6 players and party with us on August 29 from 5-7pm at 1 Athletes Way Vancouver.  Register here.
3. Donate to one of the teams below and help them chase top fundraiser glory, or to the event itself.  Keep scrolling for details.

Apparently boccia team names allow for some serious creativity.  We on the national team thought we had all of the boccia ball puns locked down and figured out!  Think again.  If you like one of these team names, or the people and businesses powering them, click and donate online – “Chimp them” – and get an online tax receipt automatically.

Each team has to raise $500 to compete.  Eternal glory is up for grabs to the winner of the indoor boccia tournament, and the top fundraiser.  Here are the competitors in order of entry.

Mission Imbocceball

Canadian Sport Institute Pacific


Foxy Boccia Dolls and Balls



Total Debocciery

Anthony-Seaman Ltd. – Sawmill Consulting Engineers





Todd and the Hot Toddies

Moksha Yoga East Vancouver


Love is a Boccia Field

Access Driver Rehab Specialists


Wham Bam Thank You Ham



Drunken Deboccery

Benevoland: Peer Giving, Charity Express, and Benefic


Can’t decide which team gets your donation?

Click this photo of members of the Canadian Boccia Team on the podium at the 2011 Parapan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico – one of our best tournaments ever – to donate to the event itself. We want even more amazing medal moments like these.


2013 Boccia Americas Cup in Photos and Tweets

For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter yet, here is a recap of the last two weeks I spent with the Canadian Boccia Team in Kansas at the 2013 Americas Cup. It was especially cool to feel the support of my friends, family and members of the Canadian elite sport community!




















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How Our Daughter Olivia Was Born

She was supposed to arrive early last week but Dalia’s belly just kept getting bigger and bigger. The due date came and went and nothing much else happened.  We went about our days, waiting for takeoff, or maybe landing?  Me at work and training, Dalia at home and all around and Karolis enjoying his summer vacation.  9 days later the great staff at St. Paul’s Hospital induced Dalia and sent her home, advising that sometimes it can take 2 or 3 days for labour to come.

Dalia and her doola, an amazing friend of ours, thought otherwise. They took a walk around downtown Vancouver to get things going.  Around 3 hours (not days!) later, pre-labour started and Dalia and Olivia were ready to go.

Karolis and I were there for everything.  We experienced something so scary and awesome and special that words can’t do it justice.  Dalia was incredible.  It is amazing how quickly her maternity suite screeched to a blissful calm and quiet with such happiness once Olivia arrived.

Everyone’s faces in the pictures say the rest:













Vancouver Boccia Throwdown! 2013

Being a Canadian elite athlete is expensive.  This summer I am raising funds in Vancouver for the Canadian boccia team, as it heads down the grueling road to Rio 2016.  The goal is to have a lot of fun along the way.

The poster sums it up nicely. Play indoor boccia.  Wrestle your boss. Win a ham. Have a blast. Support a great cause.

Boccia is one of the most inclusive sports that exist – any ability level can play – and it is fantastic team building and recreation.  On August 29, 2013 at 1 Athletes Way, Vancouver we are inviting teams to come and have a fun evening while supporting our national team.  There will be drinks, boccia, sumo suits, a meat raffle and so on, at the community centre gym in the Olympic Village.

A $500 donation is the minimum per team.   To register go to – spots are limited.

Can’t make the event?  Support our Canadian boccia team by donating whatever you can here:

Next time you see one of us on a podium, know that you helped put us there.