What are the Paralympic Games?

Paralympic Fan Bird's Nest

The Paralympic Games are elite sporting events for people with disabilities which run parallel to the Olympic Games, two weeks after the summer and winter events, in the same city and venues. This article provides excellent resources to learn more about the Paralympic movement. The best place to start is a film produced by the […]

Should soft drinks be taxed?

Soda Cans

Anecdotally, we all know that obesity is on the rise in the world. World Health Organisation projections indicate that globally in 2008: approximately 1.5 billion adults (age 20+) were overweight; of these, more than 200 million men and nearly 300 million women were obese. NDP Leadership hopeful Dana Larsen recently proposed a tax on soft […]

Why Public Opinion Polls Matter to BC Liberals

Christy Clark Photo

At the end of January, Ipsos Reid released the results of an online poll – asking British Columbians about their feelings towards the BC Liberals leadership candidates. Christy Clark came out the clear and overwhelming leader.  But, it is not citizens of British Columbia who will vote in the upcoming leadership election. Members of the […]

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