15 Top Canadian Athlete Blogs

As an athlete, I have been lucky enough to meet, and be inspired by, incredible people.  Many of whom are athletes, on my own team and in other sports.  As I juggle my studies, training and personal life, I take a look at the exciting accomplishments of other Canadian athletes for fuel and perspective.  Below are 15 exceptional blogs, in no particular order, by Canadians who are taking on the world, often times simply for the joy of sport and the small glory of seeing how far they can push themselves.

Have a look through the links, and be sure to follow these inspirational Canadians as they push for their goals.

Thomas Hall (Olympic Canoe/Kayak)

Ryan Semple (Olympic Alpine Skiing)

Rosanna Tomiuk (Olympic Waterpolo)

Paula Findlay (Olympic Triathlon)

Megan Imrie (Olympic Biathlon)

Lisa Ross (Olympic Sailing)

Josh Cassidy (Paralympic Athletics)

Alexandra Orlando (Olympic Rhythmic Gymnastics)

Joshua Riker-Fox (Olympic Modern Pentathlon)

John Hastings (Olympic Canoe/Kayak)

Heather Moyse (Olympic Bobsleigh)

Benoit Huot (Paralympic Swimming)

Fiona McKee (Olympic Badminton)

Nicole Forrester (Olympic Athletics)

Canadian Paralympic Wheelchair Curling Team

Do you have a favourite athlete blog – Canadian or otherwise?  Please share it with us in the comments below!

  • http://tatterededge.blogspot.com Lelainia Lloyd

    Hey! I met Benoit Huot! He was in my flight of Paralympic torchbearers. We were up in the wee hours of the night to carry the torch in the 24 hour relay. He’d just flown in from Montreal and came straight from the airport to join us. He looked exhasuted, but he had his turn and then went to his hotel to crash for a couple hours before an early morning guest appearance. Super nice guy. He signed my torch box for me before we got off the relay shuttle.

  • http://tatterededge.blogspot.com Lelainia Lloyd

    I really enjoy Erik Weihenmayer’s blog. He was the first and only blind climber to summit Everest. In his book, The Adversity Advantage, (which is really an empowering read) Eric talks about losing his sight at 15 and the inspiration he gained in the process of going blind from watching Terry Fox run the Marathon of Hope. Eric’s blog is here:http://www.touchthetop.com/blog/  

  • Darius Allen

    Darius Allen is pleased to announce the release of his new book.


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